Angela Ahrendts becomes first person to head Apple’s Retail & Online Stores

Former fashion house Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts has finally started working at Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant Apple Inc as the head of Retail as well as Online Stores businesses.

It is the first time that a single executive is controlling the Cupertino firm's both retail and online stores operations. Prior to her joining Apple, John Browett was the head of retail, while Jennifer Bailey was the head of online stores.

While Browett left the company just six months after remaining at the position, allegedly due to cultural differences; Bailey was moved to refocus on a mobile payments product task for iTunes.

The foremost priority for Ms. Ahrendts at Apple is to enhance and strength employees relationship with the company's management. The relations between employees and the management is straining as the tech giant has continues to accelerate its quest for growth and revenue, while employees' endurance is exhausting.

Her other priorities include improving customer experience, enhance employee compensation, and pursue contracts for larger, state-of-the-art stores in new locations.

In an internal memo, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook praised Ms. Ahrendts, describing her as "the best person in the world" for the job. Hopes are high as Burberry's revenue had tripled to $3.9 billion after she took over as CEO of the London-based fashion retailer.