Senior Labour MP Austin Mitchell Reveals Wife is Suffering from Breast Cancer

Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell, Labour's most senior MP, has urged to support his wife "all the way" in her struggle against breast cancer. The 75 year old MP posted the news of her illness on his blog.

Ms McDougall had undergone a number of tests, which revealed that the lump as malignant, which came as a huge shock to her.

Linda McDougall, wife of veteran MP Austin Mitchell, underwent an operation at London's Royal Marsden Hospital recently before Christmas to remove a malignant tumour and is expected to proceed with her chemotherapy process.

The 69-year-old TV journalist and producer said, "I was looking forward to an enormous fight with the General Election. Now it's fighting on two fronts - fighting the Tories and fighting breast cancer".

His wife cited breast cancer as a hereditary disease but was finally corrected that for 90 per cent of women who do get it, there is no family history of it at all, as there wasn't for my family.

In addition, the woman claims her better half to be largely caring and wonderful.

She said:], "One of my ankles was swelling up. Austin drove me to the local hospital and, luckily, I had this embolism just as we arrived, otherwise I don't think I'd be here to tell the tale".