Hyundai unveils new super-luxurious Genesis sedan

Automobile giant Hyundai on Tuesday introduced the world to its next-generation super-luxurious sedan Genesis in South Korea.

The next Genesis has received the first complete revamp since its launch in the year of 2008. It boats several new interior and exterior features, such as all-wheel-drive system and flat-front nose.

Hyundai expects the next Genesis to increase its U. S. sales by 10 per cent year-on-year in 2014. For the current year, the company has a target to sell 734,000 vehicles. The company aims to sell 32,000 units of the new car in South Korea and more than 30,000 in foreign markets during next year. The Genesis will be introduced in European countries for the first time.

Hyundai's U. S. sales could increase just 2 per cent in ten month through October this year. The sales growth lagged the market's overall growth as the company's Japanese and American rivals introduced new models.

Park Joon-hong, a research fellow at Hyundai's R&D division, said, "We will remain as a follower if we fail to make cars that can compete with top-notch models. The Genesis has a big significance for us, and at the same time marks a challenge."

Y. J. Ahn, director of Hyundai America, said that the next Genesis would provide the company with a chance to raise its image in the premium car market.

The new Genesis was unveiled just a day before the planned launch of premier carmaker Daimler's Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan in South Korea.