Google, Yahoo, Facebook now using “harder-to-crack” codes

Tired of NSA's controversial snooping programs, Silicon Valley tech giant like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are now using "harder-to-crack" codes.

According to a recently published Bloomberg report, Google and other online firms have strengthened their encryption tools to shield online customer data like e-mail and social media posts from government snooping.

The report also claimed that strengthened encryption tools of the aforementioned firms are so strong that no government agency would be able to crack them until 2030.

Internet search giant Google has reportedly increased the length of its digital keys by around 100 per cent; while social networking major Facebook and search engine Yahoo are now advancing towards 2048-bit digital keys.

A few months back, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden had leaked some documents showing that Google, Yahoo and Facebook were implicated in cooperating with government's investigative agencies, raising concerns over privacy of these companies' millions of users worldwide.

Distancing themselves from the government's alleged spying would help these companies regain customers' trust.