Children might not get meningitis vaccine

According to immunization experts, UK children whould not be given a vaccine that protects against a potentially deadly form of meningitis.

A draft statement was released by the independent panel, which advises the Government on which vaccines should be offered in the UK, and it stated that the vaccine providing treatment for meningitis B should not be allowed.

The decision has managed to put off the meningitis charities and it stated that about 73 per cent of meningitis cases could be solved with the vaccine.

Sara McIntosh, a 38-year-old travel agent from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire has a seven-year-old son and he was affected with the disease but recovered with the vaccine.

Of the decision she said, "It is terrible. It should be put through as an urgent recommendation because there are still lots of babies, children and adults losing their lives."

When 2012 started, European Medicines Agency had licensed the Bexsero vaccine.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination or the JCVI was asked by the ministers to analyse the vaccination and decide if the vaccination should be given to children or not.