Scottish skin cancer survival rates highest

A new report has stated that skin cancer will now be survived by eight out of 10 men and nine out of 10 women who are suffering.

Cancer Research UK chipped in that the disease was barely survived by about 58 per cent men and 78 per cent women about 30 years ago.

The charity added that knowledge about symptoms, better treatment and timely diagnosis are the reasons for Scotland's improved survival rates.

Progress is expressed by its latest poster campaign but still there is a room for improvement.

People have been asked by the charity to extend help during the summer by being a part of the local fundraising events, giving away goods to a charity shop of theirs and donating sponsorship money from Race for Life.

Dr Tim Crook, from the University of Dundee, who treats melanoma and works on Cancer Research UK projects, said, "We've come a long way in the fight against skin cancer and that's largely down to the generosity of supporters who have funded research to help us better understand the disease and find new ways of beating it. Eight out of 10 is great, but obviously that means we still need to do more for the two out of 10 where things don't look so good."