There are serious side effects of cancer

A new report has stated that serious medical side effects are experienced by one in four cancer survivors like pain, osteoporosis and heart disorders.

As compared to women who have not suffered from breast cancer, women who have, have more chances of having a heart failure. Similarly, men who have had prostate cancer have more chances of suffering from brittle bones disease called osteoporosis.

It was stated by Professor Jane Maher, chief medical officer of Macmillan Cancer Support, who produced the report, that people who were living with the after effects of cancer were at a receiving end and this meant that treating cancer was like a double-edged sword.

The ongoing effects are more or less not talked about by several cancer survivors. The effects are mental health problems, chronic fatigue, toileting problems, lymphoedema, and difficulties with having sex, added Maher.

Ciaran Devane, Macmillan's chief executive, who is also on the board of NHS England, said, "For far too long the NHS has underestimated the severity of this issue and is woefully unprepared to help cancer survivors now and in the future."