Volkswagen’s Chinese arm to recall cars over gearbox complaints

Volkswagen China, the Chinese arm of carmaker Volkswagen AG, has announced its decision to recall an unspecified number of cars to fix potential issues with the vehicles’ direct-shift gearbox systems.

The announcement of the recall was made after it received a notification from China’s quality watchdog, which reportedly found substandard direct-shift gearbox systems in the vehicles.

The substandard gearbox systems can cause unintentional acceleration, which can cause accident.

China’s government-run broadcaster CCTV recently named Volkswagen and Apple as “Bad Companies” of the year 2013.

While Volkswagen was chosen as a bad company because of consumer complaints over problematic six-speed Direct Shift Gearbox in its vehicles; Cupertino-based iPhone-maker was chosen for providing poor-quality after-sale service in China.

Carrefour, fast food chain McDonald's, retail giant Walmart and Korea-based Kumho Tire are few of the other big names that were chosen as bad companies in the previous years.

Christoph Ludewig, a spokesperson for Volkswagen China, has claimed that the company had been and would continue to fully cooperate with all relevant Chinese authorities.