VW unveils images of its 2013 Golf hatchback

Towards the conclusion of the 2012 Paris Motor Show, German automaker Volkswagen (VW) unveiled the first images of its seventh-generation Golf hatchback --- a re-engineered model boasting a evolutionary appearance, thanks to the new MQB - modularen querbau, or modular transverse - platform on which it is based.

The new 2013 Golf - scheduled to hit the European markets in November, and the US markets in about a year from now - has notably sharp looks, premium interiors, economical new gasoline and diesel powertrains, as well as top-of-the-class safety features of its mainstay hatchback.

According to the details shared by VW chairman Martin Winterkorn, the 2013 Golf has a moderately bigger size than the sixth-generation model it will be replacing; but it is still lighter than it predecessor and features improved quality of standard equipment.

The 2013 Golf has been styled by Marc Lichte, who also styled the previous version of the hatchback; and it has a simplistic front end, distinct front-wheel arch flares, and the much broader C-pillar and upright rear end.

Equipped with a standard engine which is nearly 22 kg lighter that the sixth-generation Golf, the new 2013 Golf is not only more fuel efficient, but also emits approximately 23 percent less carbon-dioxide vis-a-vis other standard models which use front-wheel drive.

Noting that 2013 Golf has been re-designed from ground up, Ulrich Hackenberg - head of development at VW - said that the automaker has "replaced or modified each single component" of the seventh-generation Golf, which is "new in every sense of the word."