Another Judicial Review Granted to McKinnon

The Home Secretary recently decided to allow the extradition proceedings against Gary McKinnon, the Pentagon hacker, to go ahead as planned, a decision met with a lot of criticism by a lot of people. But the High Court has now granted a further judicial review of the decision, which means that the immediate threat of extradition has been pushed back till at least April of this year.

The latest in a range of appeals by McKinnon would be considering whether or not is the hacker's metal state too fragile to withstand a proper US trial, and a possible imprisonment over the hacking attacks which went on from 2001 to 2002.

Last year, McKinnon was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He was first placed under arrest in 2002 and has been fighting extradition notices since 2005, a campaign which has managed to attract various high profile supporters like Terry Waite and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame.

The Daily Mail and Opposition Conservatives have also joined McKinnon's cause.

The 43 years old lawyer Karen Todner welcomed the extension, which was issued on Wednesday. "I anticipate a hearing sometime in April or May 2010", she said.