Fake Cancer Treatment Leads to Rhino Slaughter

The study, which that claimed the rhino’s body parts offered some major cancer cures, were found to be bogus because the investigation found the body parts were smuggled as result of which 265 endangered animals were put to death.

Meanwhile, giving his views about these bogus claims, John Hume, owner of the Mauricedale game reserve in north-east South Africa said that the rhino death graph claimed that after these fake claims the Chinese smuggling market was prosperously expanding, as a result of which the demand for horn was growing terribly.

Moreover, the recent government figures too declared that this year, almost 265 rhinos were poached and about 333 were mysteriously found dead but in 2007 the number was only 13 which certainly proved that the crime was on a far above the ground records.

On the other hand, while sharing his views about the crime, Tom Milliken, director of the wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic's east and southern Africa program, said, “Heavily armed people are moving into protected areas to kill rhino and those charged with their protection face great challenges and gun fights are part of the equation. There is a rhino war going on out there and it continues to get ugly".