Pandora given a subpoena by federal jury

Pandora, the online radio service has received a subpoena from a federal jury. This grand jury is investigating into whether the smartphone applications that use information use them further for selling off to other advertisers and third parties.

After receiving the notice, Pandora said that this is not the first time that such a thing has happened. In the past too, publishers have been receiving subpoenas for sharing the information. Even in the case of iPhone and Apple Inc. the same thing happened.

Agreeing that it shares information with other parties, the company said that it tracks how user interface is being used so that proper target driven advertising can be done. But, that does not make it a unique case and there is no reason why the same should be put down in front of the jurors.

It also noted that there have been many developments when it comes to its IPO and the SEC has been told about the same. No further details were given.

This whole development happens at a time when there is growing concern about the Internet privacy.