Apple Launching New iPhone Ads

Apple has released its new TV ads for the iPhone. This ad has typically played up all its capability.

It has shown almost all applications it can run. The message that the ad has to deliver to the viewers that- ‘you are missing out on something great’. That means if you don’t have the device with you then you are undoubtedly missing something great. Though there has not been really a great change in the new set of ads, but the message is quite clear to its target audience. It has tried to show its advantages over the other phones as far as its service and features are concerned.

Apple had played several ads for the promotion of its product. The first ad was played showing the App Store in general.

In the second ad, the company had shown its iBooks. In the third ad, it had shown its iTunes facility. It had also shown the iPhone as an iPod.

In the recent advertisement, Apple had tried to show that the iPhone is using applications to display the phone's amazing capabilities.