Netflix wants to come up with "House of Cards," series

Netflix is under negotiating with Internet companies and wants to sell them the rights of its upcoming series called the "House of Cards”. In the same, Academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey will be playing the lead role.

Estimates show that if the deal is struck then Netflix can get more than 20 million subscribers for its first 26 episodes. These 20 million are expected to come from the TV alone.

This step can be seen as a way towards making itself enter the market of paid TV channels like HBO or for that matter Showtime. These are the channels that have largely depended on attracting more viewers so that they are able to get exclusive rights and vice versa.

One point that strikes the most is that Netflix is offering quite less than $100 million in the form of streaming activities.

The series has been directed by Kevin Spacey. Some inside reports have said that these talks are in their advanced stage. But it is not only the Internet companies that are in the race. There are others like HBO and AMC who are also trying hard to vying this deal.