New app that lets fans tune in to their own personalised radio

Good news for the music lovers. Now they can listen to personalized radio stations on their mobiles. This facility is given by new service. The user can listen even when they are not online.

This application is launched by music service We7. It is free of cost and in this the users are allowed to have a personalized radio station on their mobile phones. In addition to that, the users can choose the tracks of their desired artists to whom they would like to hear.

Steve Purdham, of We7, the developer of this application has stated that this app will allow the phones to store songs when the users are listening to We7 in a connected area on their phones. The user can listen when they are offline or have no access to the internet.

There is no match to the music and mobiles in the grouping as stated by Purdham. But the user listen songs in the internet radio, if the connection is out then the song ultimately stops.

He has also added that the app is suitable for the youths and music lovers who are very much budget-conscious and cautious of using their mobile phone data for the songs.