Philippines Tightens the Noose at Airports to Limit Entry of Bird Flu

Avian Influenza has been spreading its wings all over the globe. However, it has still remained away from the Philippines and to ensure the containment of the flu away from the country, health authorities have decided to ramp up entry points to keep away the virus.

The task force comprising officials from the Bureau of Quarantine, Department of Environment and Natural resources and the Department of Agriculture has been reinstated by the Department of Health to ensure that the country remains free of the bird flu. While talking about the ways to combat an entry of the virus, Director of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (NCDPC), Dr. Eduardo Janairo stated that the ADOH had asked for thermal scanners to be placed at airports again, to check for anyone carrying the symptoms of the virus.

The Program Manager for Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases, Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy, while talking about the virus, has stated that Philippines had never reported a case of H5N1. However it was important to not let the virus enter the country, especially as the fatality rate is very high.

Apart from Philippines, the current situation in china also seems to be stable, as there have been no cases of bird flu reported in the eastern part of the country, especially after a case was reported from Hong Kong.