Kinsella Receives €10Million from a Sympathetic Jury

In a shocking decision, members of the Jury regarding a case involving Donal Kinsella have announced a compensation amount of _10million for libel. It was three-years ago, when Mr. Kinsella had walked naked into the room of a Company secretary, while on an official trip in South Africa.

The incident had occurred late at night and the secretary, Deirdre Corcoran had filed for inappropriate sexual advances against him. The compensation awarded to Mr. Kinsella is through compensatory damages worth _9million and aggravated damages amounting to _1million.

The Jury has rewarded the extra million, as they believed that lawyers had questioned Mr. Kinsella very aggressively and that it seemed like they wanted to spoil Mr. Kinsella's reputation. However, the huge amount left everyone in shock, as even a usually calm Judge Eamon de Valera face was full of shock when he heard the judgment issued by the11 jurors.

Despite everyone being in shock and surprise, the only person, who seemed calm, was Mr. Kinsella, who state that the feeling had not yet sunk in, especially after the 3-years of agony he had undergone, following the incident. Prior to the _10million, the highest libel amount that has been handed out was to Monica Leech, who was awarded _1.53million.