Sky to shut down UK Online service in mid-January

Sky's internet service UK Online will be shut down on 14th of January, 2011, a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

Sky spokesperson said that the company decided to shut down its second string ISP brand in order to concentrate on Sky Broadband that could higher quality and better value services.

The company said in a statement, "To better serve customers now and into the future we are going to focus all our efforts on Sky Broadband, which allows us to offer higher quality, better value services."

In a severe blow to existing subscribers, Sky has declared that the e-mail servers will also be shut down completely on 14th of January. The company will delete all e-mails on the server, with no forwarding service will be available.

To make sure that the UK Online customers continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to broadband, Sky is contacting customers to provide advice on available options for switching over to a new broadband provider.

UK Online customers will also be offered an opportunity to join Sky broadband, but they will have to archive their UK Online e-mail accounts that will otherwise be deleted.