BBC iPlayer to be available to BT Vision subscribers

The success of the BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media's cable service as well as on games consoles PS3 and Wii have already proved that consumers are eager to access catch-up TV on their traditional TV sets.

Seeing the popularity of the iPlayer, internet service provider BT has also teamed the BBC to bring the iPlayer to BT Vision subscribers. The partnership to make the iPlayer accessible via the BT Vision IPTV service has been described as a `major advance'.

Commenting on the topic, TV iPlayer product manager Gideon Summerfield said, "Opening BBC iPlayer on TV to such a large connected audience represents a major advance in our effort to bring the full BBC iPlayer experience to TVs."

Summerfield also described the technology that was used to bring the BBC iPlayer to BT Vision. He said that BT Vision's set-top boxes made use of the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV platform to bring TV on demand alongside TV broadcast over Freeview service.

The new service will finally replace the small selection of BBC content available on the BT's existing TV Replay package. BT claimed that the new service would provide customers with a wider range of quality entertainment content.

The phased release will start in early December, while it will be made available to all BT Vision customers by April 2011.