Number of Americans without Health Insurance on the Rise

According to available statistics, the US Health Department has stated that another 4 million Americans were left without a health insurance, in the beginning of the current year. The addition of another 4 million people sans insurance means that the number of people left without a plan have totaled up to 59 million in America.

Of the 59 million who don’t happen to be covered with a health insurance, a majority of the people happen to be suffering from a lot of chronic health conditions.

Talking on the subject of the loss of health insurance among people, the Director for CDC, Dr. Thomas Frieden stated that a majority of people who lost their health insurance over the past 10 years were children and adults. He added that the number of people, who are living under the poverty line were not the only ones, without a health insurance but about half of the people without insurance were above the poverty line.

According to the official statistics, however, around 80% of the people among the uninsured were from 18-year-old to 64-year-old, while it was also found that one-third of the adults below 65 were middle aged and uninsured at a point of time this year. The new data would definitely be troublesome for the US Healthcare reforms, which was passed by the Obama administration in March, last year.