We7 Relaunch Offers Anticipation on Web Radio

The re-launch would have personalized internet radio as the main thing since Digital music service We7 is said to have switched its tactics in its fight with Spotify.

It’s been long that We7 had permitted its fans to play some good music on demand and now it has come up with this new offer of providing radio-style webcasts tailored to each user's tastes.

The Company is said to have made a statement saying that it currently had as many as three million users per month in the UK. However in comparison to Spotify's 500,000 across Europe, it has been seen that WE7 has even less than 10,000 paid subscribers.

Very similar to what is offered by Last.fm and the US streaming service Pandora, this new Internet Radio Plus feature would soon be up.

We7 Chief Executive Steve Purdham said "The on demand function will still be there. We're not taking anything away - we're just changing the emphasis because the consumer has said: 'This is the way I prefer to listen to my music”.

He further added that more than fifty-one million people in the UK listened to the radio and this was how the music was usually consumed in the mass market.