The strike hitting back

The audience to Friday’s Radio 4 news communiqué might not have identified it, however they were listening to somewhat pretty extraordinary the influx, for single day merely, of possibly the biggest-paid journalist in the past of the BBC.

The well- pronounced voice interpretation the head tale, on the dishonor of the previous MP Phil Woolas, fit in to none except the director of BBC News, Helen Boaden. According to one enthralled BBC toiler, it’s like the Queen performing the vacuuming. Ms Boaden whose overall payment is £327,800 per year directed a minute phalanx of the corporation’s official class on to the airwaves subsequent to practically all their journalistic horde moved out on walk out.

For the initial time in so many years, staff teased, BBC managers were performing something of use.

The head of the BBC’s college of journalism, Jonathan Baker, discovered himself at the Six O’Clock News table, eyes gleaming apprehensively to one edge, along with a live statement regarding a train clash.