About Channel swimmers, French goes numb

Captain Matthew Webb relayed on pork and meat pies to put him through much more civilized, and British, kind of sustenance than the nutrient gels preferential by current brand of aquatic masochist.

Whichever way, swimming across the English Channel is no worry. High waves, fog, jellyfish and the incapacitating effects of extended -term fascination in cold water creates it as much of a test as ever. And currently there is one more obstacle and that's the French.

The other side of the Channel, or La Manche as they named it, they have grown a quite po-faced approach to this kind of the exam of stamina. Later banning efforts commencing by the French side in 1996, they are pressuring to forbid the practice totally.

This nonstop rise of swimming brings up a hazard which is obtaining more and more significant each year as expressed by Jean-Christophe Burvingt, the French coastguard's chief wet blanket. They further think that there can be a crash.

The world's busiest seaway is .the English Channel, observing approximately 500 ship movements per day.