For Lebanon, Kouchner relays on French support

Bernard Kouchner France's Foreign Minister came in Beirut on Friday for a 2 day visit, carrying a letter of back up to Lebanon and President Michel Sleiman.

Kouchner and an escorted delegation, whose stopover correspond with continuing tension regarding the UN-backed examination into earlier Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's killing, get together with Sleiman at Baabda Palace,

A Baabda Palace report expressed that the dialog covered all the aspects. Kouchner after met with Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the premier's house in the Beirut Central District, at the place where he and his delegation were dinning together.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri shall not be considered in Kouchner's fast round of stops through the weekend call due to earlier planned meetings with local commission, as stated to a source very near to the speaker.

A report published out by the French Foreign Ministry said Kouchner's trip was a time to tell again the Lebanese establishment of France's support for the national unity government leaded by Hariri.