Debate over ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation''

In a recent debate on BBC One's Question Time, the Liberal Democrat has made some interesting remarks over the defence treaties. The British and French governments have signed some new defence treaties earlier this week. British Prime Minister David Cameron and the President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy have signed a ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation'' on Tuesday.

Since then the government is facing several criticism on this pact. In that particular show, an audience member shouted accusing the Democrats as racists. But later the foreign minister Mr. Browne has resolved all the misunderstandings over this issue.

He has informed that everybody should make it very clear that the government is not merging its army with France. The British soldiers are not required to speak to the French in this session.

As per the ministers, they don't even require to wear onions round their necks or stripey t-shirts. There will be no limitation over riding bicycles as well. He has also revealed that the media has misinterpreted the whole story and the citizens of the nation should not believe everything they read in the newspapers.