Greek police destroy parcel bomb sent to French Embassy

Greek police had been able to destroy a parcel bomb sent to French Embassy in Athens. On 4th of November, Thursday a parcel bomb was detected which was addressed to the French Embassy in the country.

The country police was been able to defuse the bomb in a controlled collision. The issue of concern is that since Monday above dozen parcel bombs have been defused by the police.

All the parcels were addressed to the international organisations and embassies in the country. In such situation the postal authorities have decided to stop the international airmail service.

It is expected to resume from Friday. However, the police had not been able to catch the culprit who had sent these parcel bombs. Two Greeks were taken under control as the suspects of this activity.

Further investigation is on to find out this terrorist activity in the country and the squads are investigating other packages of the courier companies carefully.

However, the suspension of airmail for nest 48 hours may help the police to find out the people behind this act.