Environmentalists criticize a new Channel 4 screening

Environmentalists in the major campaign groups are up in arms against a recently screened Channel 4 documentary called, ‘What the Green Movement Got Wrong’.

The documentary was presented by Stewart Brand and Mark Lynas. Like many other films, which have been screened on the channel, the new film it attacks the ‘lie’ of environmentalists and generally sides with the corporate agenda.

‘What the Green Movement Got Wrong’ is based on the book, Whole Earth Discipline, by Mr. Brand. The book says that the greens have impeded both environmental and social progress by failing to accept the adequate technologies.

In the beginning, the film blames greens for the failure of environmental policies. Even as the number of people associated with the green movements has been rising, there has been a counter movements backed by corporate houses that appose green policies.

Brand believes that the environment can be spared if the world by adopting nuclear energy along with GM crops and geoengineering. He presents a picture where the world running with the use of these technologies. He shows how the world would use the future technologies but fails to present the context about how to move out from the older once.

The film says that the solution to the problem of food not reaching everyone even as the world produces surplus food can be solved by switching to technologies which tend to be monopolised by large conglomerates.