Humans behind CO2 increase, says France

Humans and their activities are the culprits who lead to increase in carbon dioxide levels in earth's atmosphere. This is what France says and believes said the government.

In a 21-page report that was published showed that global climate has changed because of various factors from 1975-2003. This has led to rise in average global temperature and humans are to be targeted for that.

CO2 rise is behind this mayhem. The report said, "Solar activity, which has slightly decreased on average since 1975, cannot be dominant in the observed warming during this period".

The report also said that climate changes can be assessed if long term observations are done of the atmosphere. The report was commissioned by the French Minister of Higher Education and Research Valerie Pecresse.

In the study life on land, water as well as air was studied before coming out with a conclusion. The report said that the changes are going to be harmful for life in sea as well as that on land and that humans are not going to be spared either.

Earlier, some reports that showed that Earth's temperature was rising were criticized.