Bin Laden does not understand French culture

What makes it more sure that Bin Laden has very little understanding of France and its social landscape , is a video tape that he released some time back. In it he had targeting France because of its ban on burqa. It is almost certain that his behavior will be spreading more misunderstanding in the whole nation and makes the matters worse in the already tensed environment.

A lot of hot and cold relationship has been shared by the French government with the people of the nation especially Muslims. And these kids of tapes are not going to solve anything.

A look at the past two years will suggest that France's record towards Muslims has been mixed. While at the grass-root level Islam is being accepted by the people, Muslims are getting appointed as Chaplains and in the armed forces. On the other, they are feeling the wrath and disregard for their culture.

But a look at the changing Muslim understandings and behavior will also show that they are more interested in the economic issues and do not want to be interested in religious matters and agitations anymore.