Cumbria not suitable for nuclear waste repository: survey

The initial study into the possible dumping grounds for nuclear waste has suggested that West Cumbria is unsuitable for the purpose. However, is still in the running for providing the deep geologic storage of nuclear waste.

The study conducted by the British Geological Survey ruled out a tract of land alongside the coast, ranging from St Bees Head to Maryport.

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) had commissioned the study with an aim to determine areas which are unsuitable based on geological reasons.

However, spokesperson for DECC said, “This is a very early stage and any further, detailed assessment would only be made if a community decided that they want to participate further.”

The government is in search for a community to volunteer to have a repository for the nuclear waste. Cumbria, Allerdale and Copeland have already expressed their interest to provide land for repository.

The government is in search for an apt 'dumping ground' for the nuclear industry as there are plans for building more nuclear power stations on eight sites, which require deep geological storage by 2040.