3rd star of Meadowood

On Tuesday, the Inlet Region restaurant industry goes through a bounty of highs and lows when the yearly Michelin Guide declared its stars.

Whilst the majority chefs including Melissa Perello of the recently starred Frances , who discover out through the Internet, Meadowood chef Christopher Kostow was on foot with his dog when he received the phone call revealing him that his restaurant had connected the French Laundry as the West Coast's merely three-stars.

The subsequent American-born chef to receive three stars, For Kostow, the tribute serves as corroboration for his complete personnel.

He is very happy for his guys, expressed Kostow. They shall take pleasure in the instant and then retrieve to their schedule. They don't wish the soup to bubble over while they are celebrating.

The large improvement for Cyrus, Meadowood leaves Coi, and Manresa as the lingering two-star restaurants. Thirty-nine Bay Region restaurants received one star which is four more than previous year. One-star initial-timers comprise of the aforesaid Frances, Madera in Menlo Park and Applewood in Guerneville.