Southern California Locations Raided by Sheriffs

At least 16 places in whole of Southern California have been raided by the sheriffs of Los Angeles County.

On Wednesday, the Sheriffs took as many as 11 people into custody for allegedly dealing in drugs, like marijuana. The names of the arrested people have not been disclosed so far.

Capt. Ralph Ornelas said that the main aim of the raid was to catch one group of criminals, who were suspected to be involved in producing and selling of cocaine, meth, and marijuana.

It was suspected that these criminals were trading these drugs at the medical marijuana dispensaries.

The raids were done at five medical marijuana clinics, two drug-manufacturing sites, a site where these were grown, and a sailboat in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego regions.

A total of 35 marijuana plants, 7 gallons of concentrated cannabis oil, 4,000 pre-packed, marijuana-laced products suitable to eat, and 78 pounds of processed pot worth $350,000 were seized by the authorities.

The whole operation was carried out by the deputies from the department along with the local federal and state agents and law enforcement agencies.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that during a series of raids, $20,000 in cash was also seized.