ANC’s Discussion Paper might Help in Repairing the Health System

This week, the ANC's discussion document on a national health insurance (NHI) was disclosed at the party's national general council.

The document includes some information that can help restore the beleaguered public health system.

Experts said that it shows that ANC's take on NHI was progressing.

Meanwhile, Alex van den Heever, a health and policy analyst has expressed that the discussion document has not altered to what it is in the present public healthcare.

He said, "There is very little in the way of innovation where it matters throughout the body of the health system, such as governance and accountability, and not much clarity on how new money is to be spent".

It is reported that problems like dearth of drugs, hospital capacity and the irregular allocation of healthcare staff between public and private facilities and in urban and rustic regions cropped up, but it is disappointing that these issues have not been sorted out.

Jane Goudge, the Director of the Centre for Health Policy at Wits University, said that the document indicates that a well-organized public health system is a prerequisite for an NHI.

She said that there should be a synchronized boost in the reach and quality of healthcare services and a rise in the number of facilities and workers in the health sector.