Mental Disorders Prevalent Among HIV/AIDS Patients

The sickness makes people land into stressful conditions due to concerns, anxiety, pain and certain disabilities related to the disease.

But, many people must be unaware of the fact that tress weakens the immune system and dampens its ability to struggle with viruses. Similarly, a lethal infection like HIV leaves the patient with mental anguish.

People affected with HIV/AIDS, who already have a weakened immune system, are recommended to keep off stress, so as they can cope up with their living, family and personal relationships.

Last week, in the meeting of mental health professionals in Johannesburg, the issue of mental pain among HIV patients was discussed, which brought out that HIV and AIDS patients pose greater threat of getting affected with mental ailments.

The disorders can surpass depression even in HIV/AIDS patients. They develop such a state of depression that needs counseling and other efforts to comfort the same.

The need of the hour is to include psychiatric services in the AIDS response, so as to relieve the mental anguish of HIV/AIDS patients that restricts their functioning ability and hinders the battle with the disease.

The meeting took into consideration studies from different parts of the world and discovered that mental disorders are rising among HIV infected patients. Such victims have twice the probability of getting affected with mental ailments than others with non-positive HIV.