Popularity of online radio is on the increase

The popularity of online radio services such as Last. fm is on the rise in Britain, a fresh study by Rajar revealed.

Figures showed that number of users of personalized online radio jumped from 2.9 million in October 2008 to 4.5 million in October this month.

Earlier in may 2009, the figure was recorded at 3.9 million.

According to the latest figures, one-third of the country's population that is 17.4 million Britons listen to radio on internet, up from 16.9 million in May 2009.

Speaking on the issue, Rajar research manager Christel Lacaze said, "Personalized Online Radio is the fastest growing internet delivered audio service, with 4.5 million people claiming they have used such service."

Personalized online radio service allows its users to select the sort of music they like and skip tracks.