HSBC warned to move its headquarter away from London

One of the largest banks of the world, HSBC has warned to move its headquarters away from London if the coalition government of UK plans to break up the big banks in the country.

The head of the investment banking division, Stuart Gulliver has made the statement at a banking conference in London. He has revealed that he has some doubts that the government of UK and the banking commission will split up the bag banks in order to speed up the economic recovery of the country.

He has made it clear that he bank wants to keep its headquarters in UK but it will be not possible for the bank to do so under this kind of circumstances.

The HSBC bank did not receive any financial support from the UK government in the peak period of the economic downturn and it made the statements in a response to a public question in a banking conference in London.

Mr. Stuart Gulliver also mentioned that no other countries had taken the decision of breaking the big banks in a response to the huge economic crisis of 2008.