Two new Dr Who games for Wii and DS

BBC Worldwide has announced two new Doctor Who games for Nintendo Wii and DS. The new games, which are to be produced by Asylum Entertainment, will be released by Christmas.

Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth will be released on Nintendo DS and Doctor Who: Return to Earth will hit Wii. The new titles are nothing to do with the free PC graphics adventures.

Asylum Entertainment’s managing director Simon Bailey said that they were very excited to collaborate with BBC Worldwide on the concerned two new titles.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Bailey said, “It is our firm belief that the franchise has massive potential on the Nintendo DS and Wii formats and it's an honour to be bringing Doctor Who video games to the show's huge fan base.”

The Nintendo DS title has the Doctor and his companion Amy getting involved in an evacuation of the Lake District which involves both the Silurians and the Daleks.

No comment was made on the gameplay for either version, but the company is reportedly planning to bundle each version with a remote control unit plus a sonic screwdriver stylus.

The would-be titles are expected to allow gamers to play as either the Doctor or his companion Amy.