Proposed Malpractice Law Forces Thai Doctors to Go On Strike

As per the latest developments, a new malpractice law on medical practices has been introduced in Thailand. Post the launch of the malpractice law, doctors in Thailand have abandoned their white coats and have switched to black coats to show their resentment against the same. Further, Thai doctors have decided to go on strike.

As per the draft of the malpractice law, the victims of the medical malpractice would be in a position to have legal rights and also win compensation for the same.

Following the introduction of the new law, the doctor fraternity in Thailand claim that they would be at an increased risk of facing law suits. Further, the medical community would be more panicky about doing their work. It is anticipated that with the new law, more pressure would be exerted on the already limited medical budgets.

The law, which is the first of its kind in Thailand, makes the provision that people who have been victims of any malpractice or have lodged any complaints against the doctors and the hospitals, would be catered to and would be paid due compensation.

Further, a new compensation fund would be created under the law, which the hospitals would create and would be used to provide compensation to the victims of medical mishaps.

Upset with the development, Somkid Auapisithwong of Thai Federation of Doctors, Main Hospitals and General Hospitals. said, "It means our staff would have to be extra careful during work, which would decrease efficiency".