‘Ladies man’ might have transferred HIV virus to more women, women appealed to come forward

After carrying the HIV virus for about 10 years now, a serial `ladies' man' is feared to have infected countless women with HIV.

After being found guilty of knowingly transferring the virus to a former partner, photographer Les Pringle, 48, faces jail.

Despite knowing that he was HIV positive, he indulged in unprotected sex with his partner.

After seeing this, all former lovers of Pringle have now been appealed to come forward and get the HIV test done as it has been known that he has had many partners after getting infected.


Cancer signs being overlooked by patients, docs

It has been reported that the diagnosis of bowel cancer is not in time and due to this the treatment is getting affected as most of the cases are coming forward following an emergency hospital admission.

By the time it is diagnosed, it is late and the cancer is too advanced leaving room for only symptomatic treatment. It has been reported that doctors are unable to act on the symptoms because the patients are failing to take timely action.


Deadly viruses can be controlled soon

A vaccine against Nipah virus has been put to test by researchers in monkeys and it was in 1998 at the time when a massive outbreak of infection happened in pigs and pig farmers in Southeast Asia that made the human pathogen emerge.

There has been some work done by scientists and on this the recent advance is built. The earlier work states that the same vaccine can protect cats from Nipah virus and ferrets and horses from the closely related Hendra virus.


Social work teams face pressure with mental health spending falling

According to the Department of Health, in about 10 years, for the first time, there has been a decline in government spending on mental health services.

In 2011 and this year, there was a one per cent decline in spending on services for working age adults, as seen by the national survey of mental health investment making it £6.62 billion. And since 2001 and 2002 this has happened for the first time.


Legal action possible by Stoke-on-Trent Legionnaires' trio

A legal action is being planned by three Legionnaires' disease sufferers after it was seen by health officials that the outbreak's `probable source' was in Stoke-on-Trent.

According to the Health Protection Agency (HPA), so far there have been two deaths and 20 reported cases in the city have been seen, apart from this nine people are still getting treated at a hospital.

The focus of investigation is a hot tub at the JTF Warehouse in Fenton.

Out of the 20 reported cases, 17 visited the law firm Irwin Mitchell recently.



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