Thinning of bones can be avoided in older women

According to a study, older women could be protected from osteoporosis or thinning of bones by having one or two glasses of wine per day.

The study was conducted by the International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research and stated that bone strength could be sustained after menopause by regular moderate intake of alcohol.

Experts said, “In comparison, abstaining from alcohol leads to a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.”

For claiming the above about 40 healthy post-menopausal women were looked at for an analysis by US researchers at the University of Oregon.

Leg ulcers can get healed with 'spray-on skin'

Researchers from US and Canada state that healing could be aided by a `spray-on skin' that acts by coating a wound with a layer of skin cells.

About 228 people who had leg ulcers had the spray tested on themselves and these wounds were painful and they can be there for months together.

It was stated that the chances of these wounds getting healed were more with the spray and the healing process was also faster.

Keeping the cost of the spray aside, money can be saved with faster healing, according to experts.

Lesser chances of cancer scan in postcode lottery

Researchers have warned that not enough patients are being sent by up to a fifth of GPs for life-saving scans to diagnose cancer.

In some cases symptoms are being missed out by doctors and other cases cost-cutting managers are discouraging others for referring patients.

It has been seen that in England, the chances of people with suspected cancer being sent for scans are 60 times more as compared to people living at other places.

According to researchers, there is a lack of awareness among GPs that is leading to failure in spotting the symptoms of cancer.

Reason of Legionnaires’ outbreak could be the hot tub

It has been stated that the probable reason of the recent outbreak of the Legionnaires' disease was the tub which was turned on for display purposes in the JTF Mega Discount Warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent.

Legionnaires' disease is still affecting people and about eight cases are still being treated for this disease by doctors in hospital. There has been one death over the weekend.

It was last week when the deadly water bug attacked and in total, 16 people were caught up in the scare.

No food for seven days leads to 76-yr-old’s death

Denial of food, water for about seven days or more has led to the death of a healthy, active grandmother. The death occurred at the hospital.

Joan Pertoldi, 76, was waiting for a hip operation when she was put on a nil-by-mouth regime at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City.

The members of her family told her that she will be operated on within two days but her surgery was postponed three times and twice because the prosthesis due to be inserted into the joint was not properly sterilised.

Reasons of other delays were shortage of staff over weekends at the hospital.

Mothers working in 9th month have babies with lower birth weight

It has been stated by a study conducted by the University of Essex that in later pregnancy, it is not safe to work and it is as bad as smoking during pregnancy.

It was seen that babies are born with a lower birth weight to women who keep working upto their due date. The weight of a baby is half-a-pound lighter if the mother works even in the ninth month as compared to women who gave up working between six and eight months.

Severely obese kids have their hearts in danger

A Dutch study has said that children who are obese severely are already in danger as their hearts are unhealthy already despite these kids being in primary schools.

It is in the middle age when heart diseases take place but it was seen that in kids who were in the age group of two to 12 years were showing warning signs.

About 307 kids were studied and out of them warning sign like a high blood-pressure was seen in about two-thirds of the 307 children.

Medicines to be prescribed by physios

According to the Department of Health, DH, patients can now be prescribed medicines by physiotherapists and podiatrists.

Medicines like anti-inflammatories and painkillers can be given to patients following suitable training.

In case a medication is needed then patients will no longer be referred back to GP by podiatrists and physiotherapists as they will be able to prescribe the medicines themselves.

National list topped by Cleveland hospitals

Across the country, nephrology and urology programs of the Cleveland Clinic Ohio were named the best and it was also ranked the best hospital in Ohio.

The clinic informed that its cardiology and heart surgery care has been termed the best in the nation for the18th consecutive year. Overall the hospital stood at fourth place in the country.

Mother says hospital staff was not caring

Kane Gorny, the 22-year-old keen footballer who died of dehydration at a hospital has his mother wailing and she says that there was not even a single caring staff member at the ward when her son was being treated.

St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London, is the hospital where this mishap took place and a coroner has branded it `a cascade of individual failures' at the hospital.


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