First baby born using 'safer' IVF method

A safer method of infertility treatment IVF has been used for the first time ever and this has led to the birth of a healthy baby.

The baby conceived with the help of a natural hormone that helped kick-start his mother's ovaries, is now about eight-weeks-old.

It was stated by UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London that many women can be benefited using the Kissepeptin treatment.

A fatal complication that is seen with the old-way of doing IVF is also avoided with the latest technique.


Ofsted-style ratings for hospitals

Prompted by the Mid Staffordshire NHS scandal, urgent improvements will have to be incorporated by hospitals in case poor care is being delivered by any department, under new Ofsted-style ratings.

Official assessment will be provided to schools in England that will go further than Ofsted's single overall ranking. The `tough and rigorous' ratings will become `inadequate' to `outstanding'. These ratings will be based on inspections of every department of every hospital.


Alcohol-related disease patients deserve better care

A review on patient deaths has reported that a flippant attitude is being taken by hospital staff towards people who are admitted with alcohol-related disorders and this could result in lives being lost needlessly.

The review is titled as the National Confidential Enquiry Into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD), and the review warns of levels that are not acceptable in regard to care in the health services. The health services has a shortage of specialist doctors, and failures to properly screen and act upon drinking habits and manage acutely ill patients.


From 2016, Britain to regulate e-cigarettes as medicine

From 2016, electronic cigarettes will be regulated by Britain as non-prescription medicines. An attempt to make the quality better is being made, it was stated by the country's drugs watchdog that convenience stores will still have them.

E-cigarettes are a very popular alternative to the actual cigarettes as this battery-driven device allows you to inhale nicotine-laced vapor and attempts to grapple this are being made by healthcare authorities around the world.


Staff gagging orders consume £2m

It has been stated that an amount of £2m has been spent on over 50 gagging orders that bans staff from speaking out.

NHS chief Sir David Nicholson was accused by Tory MP Steve Barclay, who obtained the figures, of falling short of either asking either failing to ask questions about the orders or being `complicit in a cover-up'.

He further added that the entire culture of health services needed a change and following this, Sir David must stand down now. he is scheduled to retire next year.



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