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Two former Irish bankers face jail terms for hitting secret deal to save lender

Two former executives of Anglo Irish Bank Corporation, which came to symbolize Ireland's boom to bust hung in the balance, are facing prison terms of up to five years for the secret deal that they had hit to save the lender at the peal of economic crisis in 2008.

Google & three other tech giants agree to pay $324M to settle conspiracy lawsuit

Four tech giants, including Google and Apple, have agreed to pay more than $300 million to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to restrain salaries.

A class-action lawsuit had alleged that Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel had been conspiring to prevent their engineers and other technology workers from getting better job opportunities from one another.

QinetiQ to sell its American arm for $215 million

Britain's defence group QinetiQ has confirmed that it has agreed to sell its American services division to the SI Organization Inc. for $215 million.

SEC to Scrutinize Trading rules Following “Flash Boys”

The U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission is thinking about streamlining the system where brokers inform the investors precisely about where and when their stock trades are to be executed. This proposal may be an answer to the complaints which often says that such decisions are at times taken against the best interests of the client.

Whatcom Dairy Farmers See Good Times as Milk Prices Rise

Milk prices have seen a rise recently. The recent months have seen the price of milk crawl up considerably making it great news for Whatcom County dairy farmers. According to the U. S.

Excessive Campaign Contributions Land Donor into Trouble

Sant Singh Chatwal, 70, on April 17 pleaded guilty in the federal court of Brooklyn, New York. He was charged with conspiring to violate the laws of federal campaign finance and also for witness tampering on one count. He has donated to various democrats in his own name which also includes Hillary Clinton.