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Online porn will be blocked by default: David Cameron

In a bid to protect children from bad impact of fast-growing online pornography, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday unveiled a slew of measures.

Mr. Cameron declared that internet service providers (ISPs) would block access to pornographic sites by default, and any household who would like to access such sites would have to opt for it.

The prime minister also declared that possessing porn depicting rape would be illegal in England and Wales. In Scotland, it is already illegal to possess porn depicting sexual assaults like rape.

There are serious side effects of cancer

A new report has stated that serious medical side effects are experienced by one in four cancer survivors like pain, osteoporosis and heart disorders.

As compared to women who have not suffered from breast cancer, women who have, have more chances of having a heart failure. Similarly, men who have had prostate cancer have more chances of suffering from brittle bones disease called osteoporosis.

Sir Bruce Keogh’s report uncovers mediocrity rather than

Jeremy Hunt has been accused by doctors of using patients' death to make political capital after mediocrity was uncovered instead of disaster by Keogh report into 14 hospitals with high death rates.

Patients were not getting good-quality care by hospitals that were investigated, according to Keogh's report. The report also stated that 14 trusts were told to act on recommendations decided by health officials.

BBC to cease all 3D programming projects in November

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced its decision to cease all 3D programming projects after the broadcasting the 50th anniversary special edition of "Doctor Who" in November.

Kim Shillinglaw, the head of BBC's 3D programming, said the corporation decided to suspend 3D programming because watching 3D programs at home was quite a hassly experience for viewers. She added the technology had failed to take off with the public and it was the right time cease the technology.

Co-op Bank was asked to tell Lloyds of problems in 2011: BoE Deputy Gov. says

British Co-operative Bank had been warned nearly two years back that it was not in a position to acquire hundreds of branches from part-nationalised lender Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), Bank of England Deputy Governor Andrew Bailey revealed.

Mr. Bailey, deputy governor for financial stability at the central bank, told the Treasury Select Committee that the regulator had raised serious concerns over Co-operative Bank's capability to buy 632 branches of Lloyds in 2011.

UK business confidence at highest level since 2007: BCC

UK business confidence is at its highest level since the financial crisis hit the globe in 2007, according to industry group British Chambers of Commerce's (BCC's) latest economic survey.

In its quarterly survey, the BCC said that UK manufacturing firms are giving better performance than at any time in the past year, and the country's export sales in the services sector are expected to reach their highest levels since the industry body started keeping records in 1989.

First baby born using 'safer' IVF method

A safer method of infertility treatment IVF has been used for the first time ever and this has led to the birth of a healthy baby.

The baby conceived with the help of a natural hormone that helped kick-start his mother's ovaries, is now about eight-weeks-old.

It was stated by UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London that many women can be benefited using the Kissepeptin treatment.

A fatal complication that is seen with the old-way of doing IVF is also avoided with the latest technique.

The word ‘tweet’ added to Oxford English Dictionary

The word tweet now officially means two things: the chirp of a bird and to post a message to social-networking site Twitter.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the widely accepted authority of the English language has announced that it has included an official second definition for the word tweet. The new definition describes tweet as "To make a posting on the social networking service Twitter. Also: to use Twitter regularly or habitually."

The word tweet, as it relates to Twitter, is thus now officially part of the English language.

From 2016, Britain to regulate e-cigarettes as medicine

From 2016, electronic cigarettes will be regulated by Britain as non-prescription medicines. An attempt to make the quality better is being made, it was stated by the country's drugs watchdog that convenience stores will still have them.

E-cigarettes are a very popular alternative to the actual cigarettes as this battery-driven device allows you to inhale nicotine-laced vapor and attempts to grapple this are being made by healthcare authorities around the world.

Facebook recommends holding off HTC First’s U.K. launch: EE

UK network provider EE has confirmed that Facebook has indefinitely delayed the plans to launch the HTC First, aka the Facebook phone, in the U. K. market as Facebook is giving a facelift to its Home software.

EE, the mobile phone carrier that was to carry the phone exclusively, has also confirmed that that the pre-orders for the phone are being refunded.

The carrier added that the decision to focus on adding new customization features to Home and indefinitely delay the plans to launch the Facebook Phone in the U. K. was taken by Facebook following customer feedback.


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