ADHD Teens More Likely to be involved in Car Accidents

Though, teenage boys do happen to be a little reckless and brash in their hay days, yet a recent study has overlooked all those aspects to state that ADHD is responsible for increasing the risk of car crashes involving boys. The research has been conducted by a group of teenage researchers, who have looked into the relationship between teenage boys and car crashes and mental disorders.

Nurse takes advantage of Patient

A staff member of the St. Joseph’s Health Centre is accused of having taken sexual advantage of a patient by pretending to conduct a medical examination.

The Toronto nurse, Rey Gimenez, started to work for St. Joseph's Health Centre in 2008. Last Wednesday, the medical employee has been arrested and charged of having abused his authority and sexually harassed a client.

The 26-year-old nurse had to explain himself in court at Old City Hall and could not justify the necessity of conducting sexual actions on a patient during a standard check-up.

Toronto on Alert Following One Reported Case of Measles

Toronto Public Health has issued measles warnings after a women was hospitalised with the disease last week.

The 51-year old woman is believed to have contracted measles while traveling in Europe. After her hospitalisation officials announced that anyone who came into contact with her should monitor themselves for symptoms of the illness.

Manitoban Woman Becomes First Person to Be Cut into Half

Janis Olson from Manitoba and her family are in the limelight and almost every magazine house wants to feature the family in its magazine.

The reason is because she has become the first person in the world to be cut totally into half, so as to remove cancerous midsection and then be placed back together into one.

On Friday, the woman was at her daughter’s school to inform students regarding Sunday's Terry Fox Run and that funds that are raised in such cancer campaigns, help save people like herself.

A Whooping $14.8-million Granted to Four Hospices by Terry Fox Foundation

The Terry Fox Foundation has extended a massive sum of $414.8-million to four hospitals across three provinces. Further, the grant has been given towards cancer research.

On Thursday, the confirmation of the funding was announced at the Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The research money that totals to $2.7-million spread over a period of three years would be used towards the ‘Ultrasound for Cancer Therapy Project’ at Sunnybrook. The same would ensure that the ultrasound imaging would become faster and give speedier updates on chemotherapy progress.

CP24 Sponsors Weekend to End Women's Cancer Campaign

CP24 sponsored a two-day 60-kilometre walk as part of Toronto's Weekend to End Women's Cancer campaign.

As many as 4,500 people participated in the walk and successfully completed it. There was also an overnight halt at Downsview Park, where the participants stayed in camps.

After the completion of the walk, all of them received a rousing welcome at Exhibition Place. All the participants were applauded by their family and friends, when they reached the crossing line.

Police in Search of a Man who stole from Hospital Room of Cancer Patient

Toronto policies are looking out for a man who stole personal items from the downtown hospital room of a cancer patient.

It was told by the police that the man entered the Princess Margaret Hospital Lodge at 545 Jarvis Street on Saturday at 4:25 p. m. After entering the hospital the thief went on all the floors.

They also informed that the man entered the vacant room of an elderly cancer patient and stole the woman's laptop which had a number of photographs of her daughter who had passed away recently.

FSA fines Toronto Dominion Bank £7m

The Financial Services Authority has slapped Toronto Dominion Bank with a fine of 7 million pounds for repeatedly failing to control how its traders price financial products.

Commenting on the issue, FSA enforcement director Margaret Cole said, "Toronto Dominion clearly failed to apply proper controls in the area despite its previous sanction and repeat offenders need to know that they will face severe consequences."

This is the second time when the Canadian bank Toronto Dominion has been fined for systems & controls failings.

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