Glasgow Get’s help to Cope up during times when Catastrophe Strikes

Glasgow has been selected from a list of around 400 aspirant cities for the 100 Resilient Cities programme.

AOC Group Plans for 'Eco-friendly' Data Centre in Glenrothes

With the AOC Group seeking permission for a data centre facility that would be75,000 square foot in Glenrothes, Fife could now have a data centre that would be absolutely eco friendly. More over this will also generate scope for many jobs.

Persimmon Gains from Government Supported ‘Help To Buy’ Scheme

Persimmon the house construction company said that it has sold more than 5600 houses till now with the help of 'Help to Buy' scheme.

UK govt. subsidies on rail fares varies a lot

There is a vast variance in government subsidies on rail fares in different parts of the United Kingdom, a newly published report from the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) has revealed.

Regional airports Register 70,000 Additional Passengers

The number of passengers has increased many folds by almost 70,000 at the regional airport in Scotland in the last one year. This spurt is seen as a result of the growing traffic which comes in from the energy sector.

Manufacturing and Service Sector in Scotland Show Signs of Growth

Recent figures from Bank of Scotland shows a strong growth for both services and the manufacturing sectors in Scotland.

However the declining rate of export orders spread further doubts regarding the success of achieving an economic rebalance.

Scottish skin cancer survival rates highest

A new report has stated that skin cancer will now be survived by eight out of 10 men and nine out of 10 women who are suffering.

Cancer Research UK chipped in that the disease was barely survived by about 58 per cent men and 78 per cent women about 30 years ago.

The charity added that knowledge about symptoms, better treatment and timely diagnosis are the reasons for Scotland's improved survival rates.

Progress is expressed by its latest poster campaign but still there is a room for improvement.

Speyside festival organisers demand ‘dram’ as official measurement for whiskey

The organisers of the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, which will take place next month in Scotland, are aggressively campaigning for the reinstatement of `dram' as an official measurement whiskey.

Since 1995, whisky has been sold in two metric measurements - 25ml and 35ml. the campaigners are demanding the London-based National Measurement Office to declare the larger of the two measurements as a dram.

Buying a house is cheaper than renting: BoS

Buying a house in Scotland is now cheaper than renting a property, according to a fresh report by economists at the Bank of Scotland (BoS).

The report says that falling prices of residential property in Scotland has made buying a home more affordable than renting. As per the economists' estimate, a person who buys a three-bedroom house in Scotland would be more than £400 per year better off than those who rent a similar property.

Women footballers, cancer charity to let women know about breast cancer

The importance of exercise in bringing down the risk of breast cancer has been highlighted by women footballers who have teamed up with a charity.

The message will be promoted by social networking which will be used by the Scottish Women's Football Association and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The aim is also to let women know about the symptoms and the signs of breast cancer and the partnership has been named One Goal.

Every year in Scotland alone about 4,500 women are diagnosed with the disease.

Among women it is the most common cancer and it claims about 1000 lives every year.


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