Ukraine Tension and Closed Markets Push Asian Stocks Lower

Tensions mounting in Ukraine and the signs of sluggish growth in China as well as the doubt about the timing when the U.S. Federal Reserve would begin tightening the interest rates have battered the markets globally during the past few weeks. Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Chair's last week's encouraging comments though helped pacify some wrecking nerves.

Russia starts censoring Internet content

The Russian authorities have directed social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to remove certain contents from their sites as part of its efforts to block access to potentially harmful and illegal content on the Internet.

In November last year, the Russian government had passed a child protection law to allow regulators to take down pages that are not in the interest of general public health.

Yandex mapping service to be integrated into Apple iOS 6 in Russia

According to iPhone and iPad vendors in Russia, the location-search service integrated in Apple's newest mobile operating system - iOS 6, which will become available for download on September 19 - will be powered by the country's leading search engine, Yandex.

The disclosure - which is another indication of the soured relations between Apple and Google - underscores that Russian search biggie Yandex will power the mapping service for the users of the forthcoming iPhone 5 in the country.

Graphene: the thinnest and strongest material known so far

Russian-born scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov bagged the 2010 Nobel Prize for physics for discovering the world’s thinnest, but perhaps the strongest material- graphene (a form of carbon).

The incorporation of one atom-thick graphene sheets into composites produces a material that is several times stronger than Kevlar.

Furthermore, graphene composites are more cost-effective than the existing generation of carbon-nanotube composites, which are being used by the Chinese to create spacesuits and bulletproof jackets.

Angola at World Conference on Early Childhood in Moscow

At the World Conference on Early Childhood held on September 27th to 29th of this year in Moscow, the efforts of the Angolan Government towards the implementation of the 11 commitments to children were presented. According to a press report the presentation was made by the deputy Education minister of Angola, Ana Paula Fernandes, he also led a multi spectral delegation.

The conference was promoted by UNESCO. The officials said the commitments of the Angolan Government were like a hope for the country.

Now Space Will Also have Lavish Hotel

It has been reported by the RIA Novosti news agency that on Wednesday, it was announced by a Russian Company known as Orbital Technologies, that it will build a comfy space hotel for tourists.

The aim of launching a hotel is to provide comfortable accommodation for the tourists, who until now used to share cramped space with astronauts.

Chief Executive of Orbital Technologies, Sergei Kostenko informed RIA Novosti, while giving the presentation that in 2015-16, the first module of the hotel is scheduled to be launched.