French Government offers loans and State-guaranteed funds to Air France-KLM

French Government offers loans and State-guaranteed funds to Air France-KLM

French government has announced support for Air France-KLM with nearly €3 billion in loans to the airline and €4 billion in state-guaranteed funds to keep the airline in business.

UK shamed in Akamai’s high-speed broadband study

According to a 'State of the Internet' report by Akamai for the latest quarter, the UK features at a shamed 15th place in the list of 22 European nations boasting high-speed broadband connectivity --- the list being topped by The Netherlands.

As per the Akamai report, which essentially studies broadband connections around the globe, The Netherlands boasts the fastest Internet connection among the European countries; with a minimum of 5Mbit/s being clocked by over 68 percent of the broadband connections in the country.

Netherlands experienced strong manufacturing growth

During January, the Netherlands, along with Germany and Austria, experienced strong levels of manufacturing growth, discovered by JPMorgan Global Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI).

Netherlands is a leading manufacturing growth in eurozone and this could be a matter of interest for people contracting in Netherlands.

The JPMorgan Global Manufacturing PMI recorded a nine month high, growing to 57.2 points in January which is more than December’s 55.6 points. Anything beyond 50 points denotes expansion.

Those undertaking UK contracting could be buoyed by the news.

Dutch Authorities Distribute Marijuana Scented Cards to Curb Illegal Plantations

In an attempt to curb the practice of illegal cultivation of marijuana, people living in Rotterdam and The Hague would receive marijuana-scented cards to detect any unscrupulous growth in their area. The cards would help people in identifying the smell of marijuana.

Apart from the smell, the cards would also have a number printed on them to report any suspected illegal cultivation of marijuana in their area. Though, Dutch authorities do not question people, if they happen to grow five marijuana plants for personal use, but it is mass cultivation, which is the cause of concern.

Disappeared Nurse Found in Netherlands

A participant of a clinical trial for finding a vaccine for malaria, who vanished earlier this month, has been found in a hospital last night in the Netherlands.

Matthew Lloyd, 35, who is a former sailor and a nurse at Southampton General Hospital, called up local police and his parents in Somerset to tell about his well being. No details of his stay have been disclosed by Police.

Mr. Lloyd's mother, Doreen Holland confirmed that she talked to him on phone. She doubted that the fear of drug trial could have made him run away leaving his job.

OCD to Find a New Kind of Effective Treatment

There is likely to be an addition to the treatment given for Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

While at present, the only treatment available is cognitive behavioral therapy and medication, researchers have found that electrodes too, can be used to stimulate areas deep within the brain.

The therapies, which are at present being used for the treatment, are said to be effective for only 40 to 60% of the diseased and work for only half of them. Also, there are as many as 105 of the patients, who continue to remain severely affected, even after they undergo the treatment.