Eco-friendly cars participate in Brighton to London rally

More than sixty eco-friendly cars took part in the Brighton to London car run to demonstrate the use of lowest amount of energy possible.

The electric, hybrid and low-emission cars, LCVs as well as motorcycles participated in the 60-mile Future Car Challenge rally, which started from Madeira Drive on the East Sussex’ seafront and advanced for central London.

Metaflex could find its way into next-generation handheld cameras

British scientists’ recent invention, Metaflex, which can manipulate light and makes things invisible, could one day be used in handheld cameras.

Metaflex, a remarkable breakthrough that could help develop Real-life Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak or any other clothing that could render objects invisible by bending and channeling light.

7/7 London station bomb blast survivor testifies before court

Last week Micheal Henning, who was Insurance Broker, a survivor from 7/7 London stations bomb blast testified in the court. He was 10 feet away from Shehzad Tanweer, who blew himself at Aldgate Station. 7 people were killed and many people were severely injured at the time.

He gave the horrific account of the incident saying that he will never forget the anguish and the pain suffered by the people, who suffered severe injuries. He was testifying in the inquests, ordered by the court into the 52 deaths at the bombings in the London on 7/7.

Affordable Homes in London Pressurized by Budget Cuts

An industry analyst today cautioned that social housing cuts looming this week could severely hit the Housebuilder Galliford Try. Galliford Try is deemed to be the bigger player in the sector.

The stringent cuts yet to be introduced to the £8.4 billion budget are likely to shut the construction of affordable homes in London and the South-East, the National Housing Federation warned.

London Leads the Way in Sales Price Rise

A recent research has suggested that the sellers are negligent about the changes in the new market conditions and refuse to make adjustments. The houses in London are said to have seen the biggest rise, with an increase in the property asking prices by more than 3% in the month of October.

A property website, Rightmove has suggested a rise in sale price by an average person vending his home, by as much as 3.1%, or in other words over £7,000, to £236,849.

Share prices for BlueBay Rise

Following the agreement between the Royal Bank of Canada and BlueBay Asset management, shares for the investment fund saw a comprehensive rise. The shares for the Company from London saw a rise in share prices by an impressive 30%.

The shares saw an increase in prices from 375.5p when it closed on last Friday to 488p, when today. Following the rise in prices the average price for the past three months saw an increase of 57.7P in the shares of BlueBay Asset Management.

The FTSE 250 mid-cap also recorded the share prices for BlueBay to be the biggest gainer in the index for the day.

Law firm could face £500,000 fine over data breach

The London law firm could face a fine of up to 500,000 pounds by the Information Commissioner over data breach.

The law firm has been accused of breaching with personal details of more than 8000 Sky broadband customers, 400 Plusnet customers and 500 Britons. The company is also accused of file sharing of its customers.

The details were unveiled in files on a website which belongs to the ACS: Law, a law company which has attracted the ire of a number of online forums because of its aggressive approach to people.

London Market Regains its Position

Last night, London market fell into place, as it is heading closer towards the 5,600-point mark. However, amid the cautions of weaker copper prices, Antofagasta plunged.

Some important factors have been mentioned by the Analysts at UBS, which could decrease the prize of copper in the fourth quarter of the year.

These factors are fear of policy tightening in key developing economies, withdrawal of money from commodity-focused funds and desertion of industrial force in the Western world.

H3 Influenza A Epidemic at Long-Term Care Home in London, Ont.

According to the Middlesex-London Health Unit, two residents of a long-term care home in London have tested positive for the flu. The unit reported the presence of an epidemic of influenza A at the care facility.

The health unit also said that many other staff members in the care facility are suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Cathie Walker, who is the Manager of Infectious Diseases for the health unit, said that it was unexpected that such an outbreak will happen in the care home.

Nokia unveils C6, C7, N8 and E7 smartphones at "World" event

World’s leading mobile phone manufacturer Nokia unveiled its latest touchscreen the C6, C7, N8 and E7 smartphones at Nokia 2010 World Developers Conference in London.

The Nokia E7, which is being described as the ultimate business smartphone by the company, features email and comes equipped with a 4-inch display that features Nokia ClearBlack technology. The E7 is equipped with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The handset is expected to hit the UK store shelves in the last quarter of this year.


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