SKS365 signs content deal with WMG to further expand reach in Italy’s fast-growing online casino segment

SKS365 signs content deal with WMG to further expand reach in Italy’s fast-growing online casino segment

Malta-headquartered sports betting operator SKS365 Group has announced the signing of a multi-year deal with Italian casino games provider WMG to further expand its reach in Italy’s fast-growing on

Euro slips due to political uncertainty in Spain and Italy

Following Monday's drop, the euro tumbled once again against major currencies of the world on Tuesday due to political uncertainty in Italy and Spain.

The 17-nation currency dropped against the Japanese Yen and the US dollar in Tokyo. The euro slipped 0.2 per cent to 124.55 Yen as of 12:34 p. m. in Tokyo. Yesterday, the euro had tumbled 1.4 per cent, the most since 25th of June. It declined 0.2 per cent at US$1.3490.

The Japanese currency remained little changed at US$92.35, following yesterday's falling to as low as 93.18 a dollar.

GlaxoSmithKline Forms Alliance for Rare Disease Research

GlaxoSmithKline has announced a new alliance with Italy-based Fondazione Telethon and Fondazione San Raffaele in order to boost its research on treatments for rare diseases.

The two Italian firms focus their work on ADA Seyer Combined Immune Deficiency, a rare genetic disorder that affects about 350 children around the world. Through the partnership GlaxoSmithKline intends to bolster its rare disease research unit. This unit will focus on diseases to which research can "realistically" make a significant contribution, says unit head Marc Dunoyer.

Protein Cocktail Increases Lifespan

A new study has found that cocktail containing proteins can boost lifetime, and can thus, serve as "elixir of life".

The scientists conducted cocktail trials on mice. The mice were given a cocktail of three different amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It was found that the dose has enhanced the life of mice by 12%.

IUD Treatment Could Prove Boon for Uterine Cancer Patients

The Italian researchers have revealed that the younger women affected with early-stage uterine cancer can be given treatment by using an intrauterine device that discharges a progestin hormone, which could prove effective.

The study was published online in Annals of Oncology. It concluded that the IUD women could enjoy the fertility and have families even if they defer their treatment of a total hysterectomy.

Robot learns how to use a bow and arrow by itself

Dr. Petar Kormushev at the Italian Institute of Technology managed to get a robot learn how to use a bow and arrow on its own.

The robot is an iCub, an open-source robot, took just eight tries to become perfect. It failed to hit the bullseye in the first seven attempts, but in the eighth attempt started hitting the bullseye every time. Anyway, seven shots give anyone enough time to run away.