Retail bank pulls up SocGen's profit

On Wednesday, Societe Generale SA announced that during the fourth quarter of this year, it saw the net profit quadrupling as compared to the previous year mainly driven by its continued recovery from the economic downturn and that has been possible because of the retail banking side. Even its corporate investment side has seen a rebound and the bad loans are going down.

The French bank is the second biggest lender after BNP Paribas SA. SocGen has also confirmed that it has managed to achieve the target set by it and saw its net income at around EUR6 billion in 2012.

Factory production figures drop in Britain

The factory output has once again seen a drop for the first time since April last year in France. While the drop is only of 0.1 per cent, it has forced the Office for National Statistics to revise the growth statistics to 0.4 per cent.

It happened because the manufacturing sector form 12 per cent of total GDP of UK and since 2010 has been showing an increased contribution to country's economic growth has increased. This was seen as a sign of recovery, the idea which has got a jolt because of the drop.

Camellia Grill’s replica will be located at French Quarter

540 Chartres St, French Quarter is the new place where replica of the Camellia Grill would be constructed.

Executive chef Michael Ruoss sadi that it would be exactly like the original restaurant with low counters and open kitchen ,same menu, same interior including Mickey Mouse clock on the wall and also some of the same staff.

Landmark Camellia Grill is owned by Hicham Khodr, who had saved this restaurant from post-Katrina is now looking forward to make this diner a twin on December 3.

UNESCO’S list includes French Cuisine

From last two years, fleet of French chefs, politicians including the French President Nicolas Sarkozy were working hard to place French cuisine into the UNESCO's world heritage list and at last on Tuesday, French cuisine captures its position in the UNESCO's list.

French cuisine represents a festive meal which brings people together to enjoy an occasion to enjoy the art of good drinking and eating.

UNESCO includes different cuisines and represents cultural diversities so now is the time for France to enjoy its victory, said by Catherine Colonna, the French Ambassador to UNESCO.

Explosives found stitched inside the dogs bound for the US

It has emerged that in Iran, the AL-Qaeda operatives tried to blow up a US-bound airplane by deploying two dogs. According to a report in Le Figaro, the respected French daily newspaper, the plan failed due to the death of the two dogs, as the bombs were badly stitched.

Chinese president signs several deals in Paris

During his visit to Paris, the Chinese President Hu Jintao signed many business deals with the companies operating in France.